Rescue Duct will bring your hoods into compliance of NFPA 96. We will scrape, apply degreaser, and wash fan, hood, and duct with industrial hot pressure washer. We can help you maintain your roof exhaust fan by adding hinges or replacing motor belts if needed. We will leave your hood and work area clean. We are also available for emergency response if needed.

Standard Exhaust System Service:

  • Draping plastic and the base of the hood covering appliances to protect from water, grease and debris extracted during the cleaning process and to ensure the flow is to designated containers and drains
  • Clean all filters
  • Clean fire suppression links, pipes and nozzles
  • Clean entire exhaust hood and polish exposed stainless steel in hood interior
  • All accessible areas of the duct are cleaned from the roof down and from the hood up

  • Fans are opened and cleaned on the inside and out
  • The rooftop surrounding the fan is cleaned and rinsed to ensure grease removed from the fans is not left on the roof
  • Placement of certification stickers on newly cleaned hood
  • Digital before and after photos
  • Detailed maintenance inspection reports


What sets us apart from other hood cleaning companies? It is our employees. They truly care about what they do. They have stated many times that they “get self satisfaction after doing a great job.” Our customers are willing to give references if requested. Rescue Duct is a drug free company.

Other Professional Services

  • Fan belt replacement
  • Filter replacement
  • Roof top clean up
  • Hinge kit installation
  • Grease containment


We are the only central Indiana Hood cleaning company that has a 30+ year professional firefighter as one of the owners. With his years of fire service he has seen first hand what happens to business if regular maintenance is not performed. Art has worked on the front lines of fire safety and will help you protect your investment.