Rescue Duct uses a state of the art, truck mounted vacuum system; our unit is powered by a Wisconsin 65 HP gasoline engine delivering 15,000 CFM. Our two stage air compressor gives us 200 psi + of continuous pressure.

We follow the NADA national standard that requires the air duct system be placed under negative air pressure pulling the dirt and debris directly outside to our truck.

We use a variety of contact tools and whips for large duct work and air handlers. High pressured air tools dislodge dirt and debris while the system is under negative pressure. We are able to clean all shapes and sizes and materials of duct work including flexible and internally lined fiberglass.

Typical residential cold air returns contain cross bridging, pipes and wires. Unlike brushes, our air tools are designed to clean through around these obstacles without causing damage.

For remote locations we use our HEPA portable vacuum system. Our portable system will move 5000 CFM.