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Frequently Asked Questions

1: How much does it cost to clean the ducts in an average sized home?

Every home is different so it is difficult to say. It depends on the number of registers, the location of the heating and cooling unit, the design of the home, and the age of the home. Older homes were built differently and some were built and duct work was added later.

2: How do you clean the duct work?

We attach an 8″ vacuum hose to the duct work, block off the furnace, and use a variety of air whips and other tools to dislodge the dirt and dust from the duct so the vacuum can pull it to the hose and then to the truck.

3: Can you clean duct board or flex duct?

Yes, we reduce the air pressure to the whips which provides a gentler agitation that cleans the soft duct without damaging the duct.

4: Will you make a mess in my home or business?

No, the dirt and debris are drawn through the duct work and hose to the truck outside. We clean up any small amounts of dust or debris that may fall from a ceiling register or wall vent. We will protect flooring and furniture with tarps and covers. We also wear booties inside your home.

5: How do I know if my dryer vents need to be cleaned or checked?

Slow drying times, outside vent has little or no air coming out, you can see birds nest material, or you can hear something in the vent!

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